Innotek Asia supports companies in developing their business with Asia, making the most of its potential.

By advising on markets that we know and mobilizing the resources and networks you need, our mission is to:

  • Expand your business in Asia;
  • Optimize your Asian operations;
  • Strengthen your position in your domestic markets.

From advisory to implementation, Innotek Asia commits to accelerate your business growth.

  • We co-develop a strategy with you:
    • Answering your needs and priorities;
    • Addressing your industry specific requirements;
    • Structuring the optimal approach to market.
  • We facilitate implementation of your strategy through:
    • Identifying and selecting the right counterparties;
    • Setting up and managing operational flows and networks.
  • Throughout our projects, we pay special attention to our customers:
    • Regularly reporting on our actions to support your business;
    • Consulting you before any significant initiative;
    • Showing unconditional respect of deadlines.