Hologram specialist launches fast distribution strategy to conquer markets in Hong Kong and Greater China


London-based DALABS (Digital Arts Laboratories) decided to expand in Asia and distribute its high-tech holograms products in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


IIn the fast-moving industry of holograms, technologies get obsolete in a few months. Thus all distribution channels must be occupied very fast to be commercially impactful.

DALABS had to face two major challenges:

  • fast Go-To-Market strategy requires a significant investment to be made in a very short time frame;
  • The hologram Industry is facing the growing issue of Chinese copycats.

          Innotek Asia Services:

Innotek Asia supported DALABS to design and implement a comprehensive approach to penetrate the Chinese market:

  • Legal set up with a Holding Co. in Hong Kong and a Trading WFOE in China;
  • Obtaining Import & Export Licenses;
  • Register Trademarks;
  • Finding offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai;
  • Team recruitment;
  • Organizing trade exhibition booths in Hong Kong (Marketing Fair) and Guangzhou (Canton Fair).

Customer Benefits: